Selection of Consultants, Professionals and Freelancers


This page will help you to understand if there are the conditions to collaborate on future projects.

Before applying

We will show you briefly who we are, to whom we address, which professionals we look for and above all what are the nature and the level of skills required to work with us.


Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary and international team, able to analyze a business in every technical, commercial, administrative and fiscal aspect.


What we do

We provide multi-disciplinary high-ticket consultancy and development services to businesses with turnover of up to 5 million euros. We operate on the european market with an ecosystem of several vertical brands positioned each one in the respective premium segment.


We create value

Through our multi-disciplinary team we primarily provide a turnkey strategic consultancy service for corporate reorganization aimed at saving tax and repositioning the customer in the premium segment.


We give shape

We develop new brands and a high quality new web presence for the customer, with a communication targeted on the premium segment. Finally, we adopt all the online marketing tools and strategies aimed at monetization.


We differentiate

With emotions and structure. Web Presence Pro and Blue Cashflow, exclusive tools that we reserve to our customers, to differentiate them from the mass with demonstrable results.



Let's get to the details of the profiles we are looking for and the selection criteria.

Who we choose

We collaborate with various professionals throughout the european territory, selected on the basis of proven experience, demonstrable results, depth and multidisciplinarity of know-how.


Who we do not select

If you are in the first experiences you must understand that only in 5% of cases we work with beginners and that this only happens when we find (and decide to test) particular attitudes or skills of genius and differentiation.


Why we select

Every year we serve maximum 8 new customers according to affinity with our entrepreneurial mindset and quality level of the projects submitted. To these subjects, we want (and must) offer only the best.



If you feel aligned with what you have seen so far, check if you are among the profiles we are looking for.

Strategic business consultants, international tax planners, accountants, lawyers specialized in contracts, copyright and trademark registration, notaries.
Logo designers, web designers, seo specialists, copywriters and mother-toungue translators, online marketers and advertisers, social media managers, data analysts, photographers and video makers for filming, even with drones.
Blockchain and lightning network developers, web developers (html, javascript, css), programmers (php / mysql and node js), app developers for android and apple.
Expert and referenced salesman working in value-added niches, as well as other kind of collaborators who have to report customers in target with the selection criteria.


Know our organizational structure to understand the best way to integrate and enhance your skills.

Discover our Team

Strategic consulting

We provide to small businesses the tools and the skills of the big multinationals, to allow them to compete on equal terms in the premium segment.


We have developed an approach dedicated to internationalize in the EU market companies with turnover up to 5 million euros.

Tax planning

We help you to know and adopt the most convenient tax strategy for your business, in compliance with current legislation.

Test our multidisciplinary know-how

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